"Think Global, Act Local" Resource Site For Sonoma County

The Glocal Action Project (The G.A.P.)

The G.A.P. (The Glocal Action Project) was an audacious experiment to apply a systems approach to accelerate movement towards sustainability in Sonoma County, CA.

The goal of the project was to create a website that provides education to empower and inspire local people into action by connecting leaders, experts, and advocates in building & exploring ideas and applications of sustainability and developing greater resilience within Sonoma County, CA. 

The purpose in providing this website is to have a central location/hub/one stop shop for people who are interested in learning more about sustainability projects, programs, and organizations and to encourage them to get involved in their local community.

“See how these collective local acts and collaborative homegrown solutions are achieved in building a resilient community and county.” — Jen Michales, Glocal Gal of Sonoma County