"Think Global, Act Local" Resource Site For Sonoma County

“Glocal Gals” Jen Michaels & Melinda Kelley

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These glocal gals consciously care for their community and support visionary architects, developers, city planners, urban designers and community leaders seeking alternative ways of designing dwellings and energy, education, food and transportation systems.  

They believe that change happens when ordinary people join forces in their local community, support locally-owned businesses, which in turn allows ordinary people to connect & contribute in supporting their local community while building a better economy. 

“When the economy becomes more stable the ecology becomes more sustainable.  Sustainability starts with individual actions at a local level – which can take place right in our own backyards.” – Jen Michaels (AKA Jungle Jenny)

By lifting levels of awareness throughout their own planetary consciousness, theses “glocal gals” hopes to inspire others to change their habits for their habitats and live with the intention of consciously caring for their community and all living systems on Earth.