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Local Programs Include:

Friends of the Russian River –

Protecting America’s Water

Water is a necessity of life and a foundation for healthy communities and strong economies. Everything we do requires water,and everything we do can impact our precious water resources.

Toxic chemicals used in making everyday products can end up in our drinking water, causing health concerns and requiring expensive tratment that raises the cost to cosumers and communities. Our energy choices contribute to global climate change, which is very much about “water change.” Our energy choices can alos lead to water pollution-for example from mountaintop removal coal mining or hyraulic fracturing for natural gas expoloration. Energy choices can also consume cast quantities of our limited water resources- for example nuclear power or production of corn ethanol.

Global Warming and a New Energy Economy

Global warming is no longer a problem to be answered in the future-it must be addressed today. In developing a new energy economy we will face challenging decisions about energy production and consumption. We must identify energy sources that are not dependent upon consistent, reliable water supplies.

Healthy, Safer Families and Communities

A healthy environment should not be a luxury, yet our homes and communities are increasingly contaminated by chemicals and fumes from countless everyday objects. Together, we present a strong, unified voice for environmental justice in communities and neighborhoods across the United States.

Making Democracy Work

Glocal Action builds grassroots strength in key states and communities to change politics and environmental policy in states, local communities and Washington, DC. Our door-to-door campaigns educate the public and promote grassroots power while training the next generation of environmental leaders.